Prof. Gabriel Barkay, Archaeologist, Bar-Ilan University

“This hill  overlooks the historical city of Jerusalem and it controls the valley of Hinnom as well as the highway of the Patriarchs which connects Jerusalem with Bethlehem and Hebron.

This place had to have some function in antiquity. There is no doubt that there was human activity here through the generations and there is no doubt that there are ancient remains here.  Some of them are known to us; most of them are as yet unknown….Any development  in this place requires a thorough salvage dig – as demanded by the Antiquities law and by logic – to expose the entire site in order to reveal what is here and not to lose the remains buried on this hill.”


Prof Gabriel Barkay, archaeologist פרופ' גבריאל ברקאי, ארכיאולוג

Prof Gabriel Barkay, archaeologist
פרופ’ גבריאל ברקאי, ארכיאולוג

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