How you can help

Firstly, please sign the petition on the home page and get as many neighbors and/or concerned others to sign!

Please copy and paste the following text (or any text you desire) and send by fax or email to all or any of the following at the Jerusalem Municipality. Hebrew speakers can click on highlighted names to access the municipal forms for online contact with each department head.

Mayor Nir Barkat Phone 02 6297720, 6296014, Email

Chief of Staff Michal Shalem Email:

City Engineer Shlomo Eshkol  Phone 02 6297680, 02 6294612. Fax 02 6296453 Email

City planning head Ofer Greidinger Phone 02 6297678,              Fax 02 6296453

Planning Department Head Ami Arbel Phone 02 6297672. Fax 02 6295923

City Architect Ofer Manor Phone 02 6298079, Email

Director of Preservation Tamar Koch  Phone 02 6296947.  Fax 6297191 Email:

Director of Environmental Preservation Amiram Rotem  Phone 02 6296482. Fax 02 6296475. Email:

Temporary person responsible for traffic arrangements Meiri Sassan Phone 02 6297733. Fax 02 6297178


The Greek Orthodox compound in Abu Tor, Jerusalem, is a site of great religious, historical and cultural importance.

Real estate developers have recently leased it from the Greek  Orthodox Patriarchate for 110 years.

We recognize that modern Jerusalem has to grow, prosper, and attract tourism.

However the need for construction and development cannot be at the expense of the obligation to preserve the city’s history, archaeology and cultural heritage.

Located in the Old City Basin, overlooking the Valley of Hinnom, the Greek Orthodox compound is part of Jerusalem’s sacred landscape.

History will judge us poorly if we allow construction on a site so clearly associated with Jewish history and the Christian Gospels, and so clearly connected to, and visible from, the Old City.

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