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The view from Hanania Hill towards Mount Zion

Today, the Greek compound and the neighborhood surrounding it are known as Abu Tor.

This Arabic name, meaning ‘Father of the Ox’ commemorates the famous Sheikh Abu`l-Abbas Ahmed also known as Abu Tawr.
The story goes that Abu Tawr– a general under Saladin in the 12th century — rode into battle against the Crusaders on the back of a white ox.
As a reward for his services, he was given the Greek convent on this site – then known as Dayr Mar Qibus – Arabic for Procopius – along with its surrounding village.
Today, the spirit of Sheikh Abu Tawr can still be felt in the neighborhood named after him.
An old stone building now located in the grounds of a private house, just beyond the walls of the Greek compound, is thought to be his tomb.
An old legend popular in the Arab section of the neighborhood tells how in times of trouble, the Sheikh`s white ox appears to protect him and them.