Save a site with 4,000 years of history!

Help save the Greek Orthodox Compound!

This site calls on lovers of Jerusalem worldwide to support the residents of the city’s Abu Tor neighborhood in their campaign to save a historic hilltop from development.

Separated from Jerusalem’s Old City only by the Hinnom Valley — which gave us the word Gehenna – the hill has been part of the main Christian pilgrimage route for almost 1,000 years and is almost certainly the original Hill of Evil Counsel.

It is also deeply connected to the cultural heritage of Jews and Muslims.

Two overseas investors plan to build exclusive residential housing blocks for people who can afford the view.

Please help us to influence this decree!

Sign the petition by filling in the boxes on the left and ask others to do the same!

Try to influence churches to support us!

Write to the Jerusalem Municipality to object!

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Public figures speak out

Shimon Gibson
Dr Shimon Gibson, Landscape Archaeologist, University of North Carolina

“Around the Old City, you have various places connected with the Gospels, but they’ve all…

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Prof Gabriel Barkay, archaeologist
פרופ' גבריאל ברקאי, ארכיאולוג
Prof. Gabriel Barkay, Archaeologist, Bar-Ilan University

“This hill  overlooks the historical city of Jerusalem and it controls the valley of…

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Prof. Aren M. Maeir, Archaeologist, Bar-Ilan University

“Based on my recent visit (June 2015) and my prior knowledge of the history of research

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Prof Beni R Levy
Prof. Beni R. Levy, Architect, Ariel University

“A unique, timeless, inspirational and unprecedented site that must be preserved for the benefit of  Jerusalem, as well as of the entire general public!”

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